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Micropower Rail-To-Rail Op-Amp Features User Pogrammable Offset Voltage

Sunnyvale, CA., September 5, 2001 -- Advanced Linear Devices, Inc., introduces the ALD1721E -- a precision monolithic operational amplifier with integrated capability for accurately trimming the input offset voltage (Vos). Dissipating less than 1.0mW at 5 volts, the micropower op-amp utilizes CMOS FETs as in-circuit-trimming elements for precisely setting the input offset voltage. The initial Vos is pre-trimmed at the factory to maximum of +/- 90mV.  This can be further trimmed by the user for applications requiring specific offset bias voltages over a range of +/- 15mV. Other key features include minimum 2 volt single power supply operation, rail-to-rail inputs and outputs, tolerance to over-voltage input spikes of 300mV beyond supply rails, extremely low input currents of 0.01pA typical, high open loop voltage gain. For applications where user trimming in the field is not required, the factory pre-trimmed part is available as ALD1721. A dual version is also offered as the ALD2721E.

User trimming is accomplished using the ALD E100 EPAD® Programming Unit and application specific adapter module. ALD electrically trimmed (EPAD) Op-Amps can be pre-programmed before insertion, or in-system, thereby allowing for circuit optimization in temperature and pressure environments, in encapsulated modules, and under other actual field operating conditions. Once trimmed, the set values are stored in the device indefinitely, even after power-down. EPAD technology is fully compatible with conventional op-amps and other analog components and brings a new level of precision to analog circuit performance previously available only with the use of high-resolution multi-turn trimmer potentiometers or laser trimming techniques. Electrically trimmed op-amps are ideally suited for analog applications in low voltage sensors, transducer biasing circuits, precision gain pre-amplifiers, portable instruments and others demanding long-term, reliable performance.

The ALD1721E/ALD1721 is priced at $1.23/ $1.15 US in 10K quantities for plastic dip version. Parts are packaged in a industry standard 8-pin plastic, ceramic and small outline footprints. Prototype and production quantities are available from stock in different temperatures ranging from -55 degrees C to +125 degrees C.

About Advanced Linear Devices, Inc. Advanced Linear Devices, Inc. develops and manufactures a full line of precision and micropower CMOS linear integrated circuits, including analog switches, integrating dual-slope A/D converters, voltage comparators, operational amplifiers, conventional and EPAD® (Electrically Programmable Analog Device) MOSFET transistors. Most standard devices are also available as ASIC cells for the development of semi-custom integrated circuits. ALD also serves customers in full custom design engineering, including device and process development.

For further information, contact John P. Skurla, Director of Marketing & Sales, Advanced Linear Devices, Inc., 415 Tasman Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94089 USA Tel: 408-747-1155; Fax: 408-747-1286; E-mail:
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