Digital Voltmeter Board Level Products


+/-5 1/2 Digit DVM (Digital Voltmeter) Board Level Products

The ALD MB1 series and MB200 series are low cost, high resolution and high precision measurement engines consisting of functional DVM printed circuit board modules. These boards have on-board ALD500/ALD500R and ALD521D/ALD523D DVM chipset with associated support circuitry. They are designed for embedded applications where a system may need an in-system precision voltmeter.
Key features include direct PC or laptop interface with software for single and time-activated measurement (data acquisition) modes, software-based calibration mode, and stand-alone operating modes (no PC or other circuits required) as well as direct LCD/VFD Display module interface (MB203 series). In addition, Multiple Display Sets with different Range display settings or different Unit display settings are available and easy to program by the user.

The ALD MB1 and MB200 series of DVM modules are shipped ready to be mounted and used, and yet at the same time offers a variety of user options in a compact and economical package. These boards are classified into three main categories of usage, known as Mode A, Mode B and Mode C.Mode A is used primarily for measurements against a calibrated reference voltage typically required in precision voltmeter applications. Mode B is intended for measurements against a ratio-metric reference voltage such as those required in weigh scale (bridge sensor) applications. Mode C is used for display applications and can be programmed to be compatible with most industry standard serial binary input data formats - up to 31 serial bits plus sign bit. The serial digital data can come from another microprocessor or directly from a data converter. Key on-board options include provisions for input voltage scaling, input preamplifier, two-channel multiplexer, and a variety of display modes on the PC screen or LCD/VFD display module.
MB1S Brochure 2 page brochure describing the DVM MB1S Series
MB1S Single Board Precision DVM with direct PC Interface
MB201/MB203 Brochure 2 page brochure desribing the MB201 and MB203 DVM Boards
MB201 Single Board Precision DVM with direct PC Interface
MB203 Single Board Precision DVM with direct Character Display Module Driver
ALD500/ALD523D A/D Chipset FAQ