Archived Press Releases

November 13, 2007 ALD Energy Harvesting Modules Gain Momentum with Technology Adoption Efforts
February 6, 2007 ALD Introduces Industry's First Energy Harvesting Modules For Wireless Sensors Networks
November 6 , 2006 ALD Energy Harvesting Modules Provide Key Enabler for Emerging Applications
September 13, 2005 ALD Revolutionizes Analog Design with Low Threshold Nanopower™ MOSFETS
June 13, 2005 ALD Revolutionizes Analog Design with Zero Threshold™ MOSFETS
October 22, 2004 CMOS Voltage Comparator Touts 50,000:1 Improvement in Sensor Input Signal Detection
February 10, 2004 Precision "Matched Pair" N-channel MOSFET Array
September 23, 2003 Mouser Electronics as Authorized Distributor
November 01, 2002 Dual EPAD® Precision High Slew Rate CMOS Operational Amplifier
June 15, 2002 5 1/2 Digit DVM Module includes Direct Character Display Interface
November 05, 2001 Multifunction 7-Digit Serial Input Display Controller
September 05, 2001 Micropower Rail-to-Rail Op-Amp Features User Programmable Offset Voltage
March 19, 2001 EPAD® Provides Breakthrough in Precision Multiple-Channel Linear ASIC
July 05, 2000 24 Bit Serial Interface Digital Controller
May 05, 2000 Evaluation A/D Module Facilitates Design-in of 18-bit Analog Processor Chip
September 15, 1999 Low Tempco Precision Voltage Reference Added to Integrating Dual Slope Front-end Analog Processor Chip
September 10, 1999 Wide Body Package offers Plug-in Second Source to Users of Telcom TC500 Integrating Dual Slope Front-end Chip
April 30, 1999 Mixed Analog/Digital ASIC Design Kit with Analog Emphasis
April 16, 1999 Analog Chip Programmer Features Major Improvement in Throughput Speed
March 20, 1999 18 Bit Integrating Dual Slope A/D Converter Front-end for Precision Digital Multimeter Applications