Specialty Products

The SABMB16 is a universal Printed Circuit Board (PCB), designed to be used with the entire ALD8100xx and ALD9100xx family of SAB MOSFETs, for system designers and application developers. SAB MOSFETs and SABMB16 boards are designed to be compact, economical and effective in balancing any size supersapacitors with little or no power dissipation.
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EPAD stands for Electrically Programmable Analog Device. It is a new classification of analog integrated circuits developed by Advanced Linear Devices.
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EPAD® Operational Amplifiers
ALD EPAD Op-Amps are pre-trimmed electrically at the factory for very low offset voltage (Vos) and bias/offset currents (Ibias/Ios). They are ready to be used without any extra handling. These CMOS Op-Amps are economical, very-high-precision and easy-to-use.
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Frequently Asked Questions About - EPAD®
1. What exactly is EPAD?
EPAD is an analog technology innovation by ALD, which utilizes a unique CMOS MOSFET whose threshold voltage and on-resistance characteristics can be electrically programmed to a precise level. Once programmed, the set parameters are indefinitely stored within the device even after power is removed.
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