Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC)

Advanced Linear Devices (ALD) delivers a high precision mixed analog/digital ASIC design development methodology, which consists of utilizing ALD’s line of standard linear products as a hardware analog function library. The contents of the library are linear I.C. component cells that are fully characterized and manufacturing proven. While this design methodology is targeted at precision instrumentation, measurement and control applications, including smart sensor and signal conditioners interface applications, it can also serve applications where complex analog function developments are necessary and where on-chip precision trimming techniques are employed. This ASIC program is a design environment enhancement package intended to support, supplement and facilitate design verification of linear ASICs or mixed analog/digital ASICs by utilizing both hardware and software simulation. Using this design method, high precision mixed analog/digital ASICs can be developed and implemented successfully as a sub-system without the user having to become an analog IC designer. On-chip EPAD® elements enable precision trimming of each individual parameter or each signal channel after the chip has been packaged and soldered onto a substrate or printed circuit board. Design macromodel libraries with corresponding symbol libraries are available as an optional design tool in the form of models and subcircuits for SPICE simulators.
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Function Specific ASIC
All Custom ASIC
Analog Function Library