Digital Voltmeter Board Accessories

MBCDROM Standard CD with Design Manual/Software Kit for MB Boards
MB203LCD LCD module with cable connector for MB203 board
MB203LCD-1 LCD module (green LED) with cable connector for MB203 board
ALD521D 24-Bit Serial Ouput Digital Controller
ALD523D 7-Digits Serial Input Display Controller
ALD500AU/ALD500A/ALD500 Precision Integrating Analog Processors, Wide Body Package (denoted by a package code of SWC) offers Plug-in Second Source to Users of Telcom TC500 Integrating Dual Slope Front-end Chip
ALD500RAU/ALD500RA/ALD500R Low Tempco Precision Voltage Reference Added to Integrating Dual Slope Front-end Analog Processor chip
Chipset Brochure 2-page brochure that describes ALD500/ALD523D Chipset, an A/D Converter Display Module Controller
ALD500/ALD523D A/D Chipset FAQ