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Evaluation A/D Module Facilitates Design-In Of 18-Bit Analog Processor Chip

Sunnyvale, CA., May 5, 2000 -- Advanced Linear Devices, Inc., announces the availability of an analog/digital converter module designed to facilitate the evaluation of its ALD500R integrating dual slope A/D front-end chip. The module comes complete with analog dual slope integrator and digital controller chips, circuit and timing diagrams, parts list, and PC DOS operating software. Designated the ALD500R-MB1, this A/D converter module contains all the necessary hardware and I/O circuits for inputting and displaying a DC voltage with up to +/- 5-digit resolution. A 25-pin connector is provided to interface the module to a PC computer via the parallel printer port. When interfaced to a PC computer, the measured value is displayed as a virtual digital panel meter on your PC monitor. The module can also be operated in the stand-alone mode by applying external +5 Vdc power and a simple clock for outputting the digital value in 24-bit serial binary format.

The A/D converter module features a full-scale input range of +/- 2.00000 Vdc with a linearity of 0.005%. Its high input impedance enables the user to alter the full-scale range using a simple resistor divider network. Accuracy is maintained with leading-edge CMOS technology and an on-chip precision voltage reference. The default reading rate is typically set at 2.5 samples/sec, although a wide range of rates from 1-15 samples/sec can easily be set-up by the user. Applications for the A/D converter module include PC-based digital panel meters, precision analog front-end input for PC-based controllers and signal conditioners, laboratory datalogging, process monitors, DVM for portable/field troubleshooting and calibration systems.

The ALD500R-MB1 is priced at $99.00 each. Sample quantities are available from inventory. Standard packaging includes a DB25 pin connector that facilitates plugging directly into the parallel printer port of a PC computer. Other optional configurations are also offered e.g., IC chipsets, complete DVM modules with a variety of standard output formats and PC boards for embedded system applications.

About Advanced Linear Devices, Inc. Advanced Linear Devices, Inc. develops and manufactures a full line of precision CMOS linear integrated circuits, including analog switches, D/A converters, voltage comparators, operational amplifiers, conventional and EPAD® (Electrically Programmable Analog Device) MOSFET transistors. Most standard devices are available as ASIC cells for the development of semi-custom integrated circuits. ALD also serves customers through expertise in full custom design engineering, including device and process development.

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