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Precision "Matched Pair" N-Channel Mosfet Array

Sunnyvale, CA., February 10, 2004 - Advanced Linear Devices, Inc., announces the ALD1121E (dual) and ALD1123E (quad) precision, matched MOSFET array designed for superior performance in most electrically balanced circuit applications. These monolithic N-channel MOSFET transistor matched pairs are manufactured using ALD's exclusive E-trim™ process, which assures tight matching and tracking of on-resistance, threshold voltage and drain-on current operating characteristics. ALD MOSFET arrays feature very low input currents and consequently, very high input impedance - typically 1012 Ohms. Power supply requirements range from 1.2V to 10V. Although not required, both devices can be optionally e-trimmed by the user as an active in-circuit element via user designed interface circuitry and an ALD EPAD® programming module.

The ALD1121E/ALD1123E is typically matched to within 1mV offset voltage. When used in precision current mirror or current multiplier applications, ALD matched pair MOSFET arrays can provide a current source with a 100nA to 3mA range and either positive, negative or zero temperature coefficient matching characteristics. They are also ideally suited for a variety of other balance-circuit applications in low voltage sensors, transducer biasing circuits, precision gain pre-amplifiers, portable instruments and others demanding long-term, reliable performance.

The dual ALD1121E has two separate source pins and is available in an 8-pin plastic dip or SOIC package for all standard 0-70°C applications. The quad ALD1123E has four separate source pins and is available in a 16-pin footprint. Optional industrial and military temperature range devices are available in a variety of ceramic packages. Pricing, for the standard temperature range MOSFET pairs, ranges from $0.75 to $1.24 each in 1000 piece quantities. Prototype and small volume quantities are available from stock.

About Advanced Linear Devices, Inc. Advanced Linear Devices, Inc. develops and manufactures precision CMOS analog integrated circuits for OEMs of industrial controls, computers, peripherals, medical instrumentation, automotive, and telecom. ALD products include Ultra-low Vos @ Ultra-low Ibias Rail-to-Rail CMOS Operational Amplifiers, Ultra-low Charge Injection low Voltage Analog Switches, Precision CMOS Voltage Comparators with High Output Current Drivers, Low Drift CMOS Timers with High Discharge Output and Precision Matched Pair Small Signal N-channel or P-channel MOSFET Arrays and EPAD® MOSFETS. We also offer Dual Slope Integrating Analog Processors, and Digital Controllers, and a line of ±5 1/2 Digit DVM (Digital Voltmeter) Boards. Many products incorporate EPAD® (Electrically Programmable Analog Devices) or active in-circuit trimming of electrical characteristics. For further information, contact John P. Skurla, Director of Marketing & Sales, Advanced Linear Devices, Inc., 415 Tasman Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94089 USA. Telephone: 408-747-1155; fax: 408-747-1286; e-mail: or visit our website at
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