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Multifunction 7-Digit Serial Input Display Module Controller

A/D Chipset Controls Multiline Character Display Modules
Sunnyvale, CA.,, November 5, 2001 -- Advanced Linear Devices, Inc., announces the availability of an 18-bit dual-slope integrating analog/digital converter. Designed as an analog/digital two I.C. chipset to minimize mixed signal crosstalk and noise, this A/D converter and display module controller is unique to the industry. The analog chip designated the ALD500 or optional ALD500R functions as the dual-slope integrator -- the latter incorporates an on-chip precision voltage reference. The digital chip, ALD523D is a pre-programmed microprocessor, designed to interface conveniently with a variety of LCD/VFD multiline alphanumeric display modules. The ALD523D features separate control inputs for power-down (sleep mode), chip select and integration time select. Combined, the chip-set offers circuit designers an immediate solution to an otherwise complex engineering task that would generally require many months or longer of development effort using discrete components. The chipset is primarily intended for precision embedded display applications including embedded digital panel meters, customized/specialized instruments displays, temperature monitoring, high resolution voltmeters, signal conditioners, laboratory datalogging, process monitors, and DVM for portable/field troubleshooting and calibration systems. Full-scale analog input range is +/- 2.00000 V DC with a linearity of 0.005%. Up to 7 full digits can be displayed as an A/D converter measurement value.

Configured for maximum user flexibility, the ALD523D controller chip can be operated in 3 application specific functional modes; Mode A - calibrated reference, Mode B - ratiometric, and Mode C - display only. Mode A is used primarily for measurements against a calibrated reference voltage typically required in precision voltmeter applications. Mode B is intended for measurements against a ratiometric reference voltage, such as those required in weigh scale applications. Mode C is used for display applications where the input data is already formatted in industry standard serial binary such as other microprocessors or A/D converters -- up to 32 serial bits plus sign bit. In Mode C, only the ALD523D chip is required.

In addition to the three modes of operation, up to three separate display group settings are available, each with different scale factors and UNIT displays. For applications such as embedded measurement instrument modules, up to three separate ranges of a single measurement can be preset, selected and displayed. Both software and hardware based settings are available for setting a variety of parameters such as Samples Averaging, Decimal Placement, Digits Blanking, Zero Level, Display Group Setting, Mode Selection, UNIT Labeling, and Calibration, etc.

Standard setup/calibration software designed for use with a personal computer (PC) is provided for use with the chip-set. This software is used to initially configure the ALD523D controller chip in any of the 3 operating modes, as well as perform system calibration and establish user-defined alphanumeric "TITLE and UNIT fields" for the display module, which are stored in an external EEPROM. Communications between the ALD523D and PC are performed over the parallel printer port.

The chipset (ALD500/ALD523D) is priced as low as $12.66 each in 1K quantities. Standard packaging includes both PDIP as well as SOIC footprints. Sample PDIP quantities are available from inventory. Full production is planned for the first quarter of next year.

About Advanced Linear Devices, Inc. Advanced Linear Devices, Inc. develops and manufactures a full line of precision CMOS linear integrated circuits, including analog switches, D/A converters, voltage comparators, operational amplifiers, conventional and EPAD® (Electrically Programmable Analog Device) MOSFET transistors. Most standard devices are available as ASIC cells for the development of semi-custom integrated circuits. ALD also serves customers with full custom design engineering, including device and process development.

For further information, contact John P. Skurla, Director of Marketing & Sales, Advanced Linear Devices, Inc., 415 Tasman Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94089 USA. Telephone: 408-747-1155; Fax: 408-747-1286; E-mail:

For additional information, please read press release July 05, 2000
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