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Wide Body Package Offers Plug-In Second Source To Users Of Telcom Tc500 Integrating Dual Slope Front-End Chip

Sunnyvale, CA September 10, 1999 -- Advanced Linear Devices, Inc., announces the availability of a wide body SOIC package (SWC) option for its family of monolithic CMOS analog processor chips. The 16-pin wide body version offers current users of the Telcom TC500 and TC500A chip a pin-for-pin compatible second source. Early customer evaluations of the ALD chip indicate 100% compatibility with equal or superior overall performance.

Designated the ALD500SWC, ALD500ASWC, and ALD500AUSWC, these front-end analog processors feature resolution of 16, 17 & 18 bits, plus sign bit and overrange bit, low linearity errors typically 0.001% full scale, 10mW total power dissipation, 2 pA input current at 0V, +/- 3.5V input signal range, and a 1µs fast zero-crossing comparator. Conversion speed can be regulated by an external microprocessor under software control or by utilizing fixed logic digital inputs. They are ideally suited for a variety of high accuracy line powered and portable digital multimeter applications requiring 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 digit plus sign measurement resolution.

Typical applications for the ALD500 A/D Converter include sensor and scientific measurement add-on modules and boards for PC based systems. Also, PCMCIA lap top computer add-on precision multimeters, battery operated DVMs with on-board microcontroller and other custom ASIC based systems which demand higher analog measurement accuracy than available from generic 3 1/2 digit devices.

ALD500SWC prices start from $ 2.36 US in 10k pcs for standard ALD500 devices to $3.09 for the "AU" 18-bit grade. Industrial temperature grade devices are also available. Other standard packaging options includes 16-pin plastic DIP and small outline SOIC. Evaluation quantities are available from stock.

About Advanced Linear Devices, Inc. Advanced Linear Devices, Inc. develops and manufactures a full line of precision CMOS linear integrated circuits, including analog switches, D/A converters, voltage comparators, operational amplifiers, conventional and EPAD® (Electrically Programmable Analog Device) MOSFET transistors. Most standard devices are available as ASIC cells for the development of semi-custom integrated circuits.
Download Data Sheet ALD500SWC/ALD500ASWC/ALD500AUSWC